Work Packages

The project is divided into five Work Packages with subordinate tasks.

State of the Art & Input Data

Duration: 6 months

Identification of currently applied practices for the identification, assessment and protection of critical transport infrastructure against flooding events, as well as identification and assessment of past and future extreme flooding events (threats) and the underlying methodology on how probabilities were/are calculated.

Natural Hazards Related Scenarios

Duration: 8 months

Development of relevant natural hazard related scenarios, based on the results of WP1, i.e. past extreme rainfall events and climate change induced impacts.

Vulnerability & Criticality of Transport Infrastructures

Duration: 9 months

Based on the developed scenarios, an approach for the identification of land transport infrastructure along a river system which might be of high concern for the functioning of the transport network will be developed. Furthermore, a criticality assessment as well as the development of relevant protection goals and risk management processess for relevant infrastructure will be part of this work package.

Risk Assessment

Duration: 10 months

Additional Risk Mitigation & Measures Applying current codes and regulations (as defined in WP1) mitigate only a part of the actual risk. The acceptability of the remaining (residual) risk and its possible mitigation by additional measures is addressed in Work Package 4. No new measures will be developed, but an approach for linking measures to the developed methodology will be established.

Demonstration & Handbook

Duration: 7 months

This work package serves as a framework WP, where the envisaged methodology for a risk-based assessment of transport infrastructure with regards to flooding will be developed. Here, the output of the different WPs will be connected and combined into a comprehensive and applicable methodological approach. Furthermore, the developed methodology will be applied to an existing transport system close to a river system. By this, the applicability will be tested and the usability demonstrated.

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