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Risk-Based Approach for the Protection of Land Transport
Infrastructure against Extreme Rainfall

What is RAIN-EX?

The main objective of the project RAIN-EX is to ensure the availability of transport infrastructure with regards to natural hazards, especially extreme rainfall, through a risk-based design of the former.


Currently, the protection of land transport infrastructure is based on deterministic views on the development fo extreme weather events in the future (HQ100, HQ1000, etc.). As the flooding events in Central and Eastern Europe in 2013 have shown, these aproaches do not address the real situation in a comprehensive manner. Today, the design of infrastructure against flooding is independent of the criticality of these infrastructures. Hence, there is no risk-based approach, but rather a general assessment. The risk of specific infrastructures is not considered.

Hence, there is an apparent need for a methodology which allows for the identification of critical infrastructures with regards to flooding events, taking risk management into account. The question which will be adressed are:

  • Which are the critical infrastructures?
  • How can they be identified?

The results of this development will cummulate into a risk-based approach for the assessment of the design of infrastructures along a river system and the development of a decision support tool for owners and operators of these infrastructures.

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Expected results

  • Handbook
  • Website
  • Workshops with owners / operators
  • Sensitizing owners / operators for a risk-based approach

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